We are sure that your taste buds wakes up by just thinking about Italian food. Our imagination can easily go to those dishes that amazed us at some point, maybe while we went out on a trip or were spending time among our friends.

Imagine the rich sauce, the pasta made at home, but especially the cheese that is essential in almost all dishes as the final touch that will leave us happy and eager to eat another one.

At Montanari Pasta we want to make your palate fall in love with our dishes because they are handcrafted following the finest and richest recipes that for years our family have been responsible for preparing, preserving and passing from generation to generation.


Why choose Italian food

If you are looking for something to eat, here are 5 reasons to choose Italian food:


The taste makes your mouth water

The taste test is most important to identify a good plate of Italian food, of course, and for that purpose, Italian food passes with great success because of its exquisite variety that can hardly be rejected by anyone who seeks to eat deliciously.

Compared with food from other countries, it is relatively easy to cook and each dish contains history, secrets and a way of preparation that has passed from generation to generation which makes it something very special. The very idea of the combination of basic flavors of tomato, basil, garlic and cheese is enough to make the mouth water.


Simplicity and good taste in pasta

Italian food is incredibly diverse with features that make it simple to recognize by anyone because it includes very fresh local ingredients that impregnate each dish with its characteristic flavor.

An example of simplicity is the universally known Italian pasta, a rich dish that is easy to prepare and that includes delicious secrets that still will not disappoint the palate of even the most experienced diner.

Italian pasta is as diverse as it is humble. It can be prepared in thousands of possible combinations as well as in Montanari Pasta we do it to delight your most demanding palate.

While almost all cultures have noodles of some kind, no Westerner incorporates it into their cuisine as much as Italians do. The pasta is incredibly easy to cook and prepare with a delicious sauce. Only by using some tomatoes and olive oil the final result will be incredibly special.


No sauce, no Italian food

We can not understand a dish of Italian food without one of its most important elements, a rich sauce. The classic tomato is the most used in a good pasta dish but there is also pesto, Bolognese, carbonara, puttanesca, amatriciana and arrabiata.

Each one is special and every region in Italy has its traditional way of preparing them to ensure that special touch to each sauce.


Cheese, cheese and more cheese

We can not imagine a plate of Italian food without cheese. Italian dishes are characterized by containing a quantity of cheese that is added at the discretion of the preparer in order to enhance the flavor of each one of them.

Cheese is more than an ingredient in Italian food, it is an essential element that dignifies and gives the characteristic touch and flavor to each preparation. Some of the most recognized cheeses worldwide are parmesan, mozzarella, burrata, pecorino, ricotta and mascarpone.


Italian vegetables

When we see vegetables in a dish we sometimes automatically reject them because we may not feel appetite for any at that moment. But Italian food allows you to enjoy an extensive variety of vegetables under its distinctive flavor that you can hardly refuse.

Italian food makes great use of vegetables as part of the ingredients in their dishes, naturally emphasizes tomato, pepper, olives, garlic, thistles and spinach in addition to zucchini.

Eating Italian food allows you to maintain a fairly balanced diet between the consumption of carbohydrates and vegetables that together create an exquisite combination of unique flavors.

But Italian food is not just about ingredients. Every dish for the Italian is synonymous with tradition, family unity and history, that is why in an Italian restaurant like ours you will always find authenticity and a warmth that other places can not match.