Our history

Back in 2011, Maurizio Montanari and family moved to Katy, Texas. Realizing this was a fast-growing city and the demand for services and food was rapidly increasing, we realized there were many opportunities in the food industry. Fast food franchises were rapidly surging, but local homemade food businesses were not. Being Italian and passionate about cooking, we put together our authentic lifetime recipes to work. We first leased a small warehouse and set up a small industrial kitchen where the Montanari Pasta dream began.

We started making traditional, well known Italian dishes such as the beef lasagna. Not long had passed, until we started catering lasagnas to families and small events. The “Montanari Lasagna” gained notoriety among families, and the demand for Montanari products grew. Costumers continuously kept ordering different Italian dishes and soon our homemade products became a brand. Suddenly, we went from Beef lasagnas to other products such as raviolis, sauces and more.

As the Montanari product line increased, costumers kept coming, and we realized it was time to establish a restaurant and a store front with our own Italian twist. The idea came to life as Montanari Italian Eatery & Market; blending traditional Italian food, with a fast food approach, but also giving customers the ability to take fresh products to cook at home. We aim to bring our community the freshest, most Authentic Italian food in town.

25757 Westheimer Parkway, Suite 100

Katy, Texas 77494