The Italian cuisine is so delicious because Italians are known all over the world for their traditional way of preparing fresh, delicious dishes with a combination of multiple flavors.

Think about this: Have you ever met someone who really doesn’t like Italian food? We bet you don’t. But why does Italian food have this universal appeal? We believe that we know why.


Why choose Italian food?

At Montanari Pasta we strive daily to create the pasta that we add to all our dishes. Our traditional way of preparing food evokes the recipes of mothers and grandmothers who, for years, were able to keep their secrets among the generations of the Montanari family.

But if you are looking for more reasons to choose Italian food, here are some that will convince you.


It is easy to cook

While almost all cultures have noodles of some kind, no Western culture incorporates it into their cuisine as much as Italians do.

The pasta is very easy to cook and its sauce can be prepared quickly to combine both of them in and delicious dish.

And the final result will always be emotional and impressive!


They tend to emphasize fresh and simple ingredients

While Italian food is incredibly diverse, there are some features that define it, including an emphasis on fresh local ingredients, and letting them speak for themselves without too much fuss. This is clearly a respectable priority, which Americans have come to appreciate more and more over the years..

Throughout Italian history, one thing has remained constant: a good meal was served only to form the basis of a good conversation.

Italians are known for taking hours to finish a meal, with abundant sources of protein, pasta and exquisite wines from local regions.

On the other hand the Italians take pride in the process of food production from scratch, avoiding modern procedures and all the harmful chemicals that enter the food, because freshness is always its hallmark in all its exquisite dishes.

The freshness is evident when you enjoy a good plate of handmade semolina pasta. Semolina flower is one of the best flowers available to the public, offering unrivaled quality when it comes to fresh pasta.

That is why a dish in Montanari Pasta, the best Italian Restaurant in Katy Texas, can be cooked and served in approximately 5-7 minutes due to the freshness of its products and its efficient process that makes them stand out.